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wordpress account deletion in a week.. catch up to us by clicking the link below.


Haikyuu!! Chapter 35~

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Thank duchess amazing fast redraws for another exciting chapter of haikyuu.



Haikyuu!! Chapter 34~

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I don’t have anything to say. Just go to IRC :)



Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 6!

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ok. what a mess took us 3 days to finally finish the redraws. its effing not funny anymore. the redraws are really serious..lol

this chapter, we have A NEW HAREM CANDIDATE and a, UWAAAAAN~ scene. isnt that good? lol

dont forget to help the group by raws for stupid weekly shounen jump~.



Haikyuu!! Chapter 33!

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Enjoy the release! =)




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Please Apply if you can


Haikyuu!! Chapter 32!

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So chapter 32. chapter 33 tomorrow hell is not available for ts again.